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What can I do to prevent bad breath?

There’s a long list of causes for bad breath, but what can you do to get rid of it? There may be a medical or dental reason for your bad breath, but in many cases, you can eliminate bad breath with some easy lifestyle changes.


Don’t smoke: While there are a multitude of reasons to quit the bad habit of smoking, one of the more obvious ones is the strong odor it leaves on your breath.

Don’t eat foods with strong odors: Avoid onions and garlic, especially before or during an important business meeting or other event where you need to interact with others. Onions and garlic leave a strong odor because they contain elements that make their way into your bloodstream and travel to your lungs, until you finally breathe them out.


Brush and floss thoroughly: Conscientious oral hygiene is necessary for your oral health to avoid cavities and gum disease. However, it also dislodges food particles that would be otherwise stuck between your teeth trapping bacteria, causing a distinctive odor. If you wear dentures, make sure they’re cleaned thoroughly every day.

Visit the dentist frequently: In combination with at-home oral hygiene, visiting the dentist for regular exams and cleanings is the easiest way to banish bad breath and make sure your mouth is as healthy as it can be.

Use mouthwash: In many cases, all you need is a quick rinse with mouthwash to eliminate odors.

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