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Dental Crowns

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Why do I need a Crown?

A crown is a cap that is used to completely cover your natural tooth to restore its appearance, strength and functionality. A dental crown can be a solution to a number of dental problems.

- It can hold together and strengthen a cracked or a weakened tooth.

- It can support a large filling on a decayed tooth.

- It is used to cover a dental implant.

- It can also cover misshapen or discolored teeth. 

- It can give you a perfect looking smile while allowing you to speak, chew and brush normally.

What are the steps involved in placing a Dental Crown?

Dr. Gill will first perform the necessary procedures required for restoring and protecting your tooth that may include removal of a cavity or a root canal. Once the tooth is repaired, it will be prepped for a crown that involves filing down along the chewing surface and sides to make room for the crown. In case a large area of the tooth is missing due to a lot of damage or decay, we will use a filling material to build up the tooth to support the crown. We will then take an impression of your teeth to ensure that the crown fits perfectly and does not affect your bite. The impressions are then sent to a high quality U.S. lab where the dental crown is manufactured which takes about two weeks. Dr. Gill will also make sure that the crown matches the color of your neighboring teeth so that it blends in beautifully.

During this first visit we will make you a temporary crown to protect the prepared tooth while the permanent crown is being made. At the second visit, Dr. Gill will remove the temporary crown and check the fit and color of the permanent crown. If the patient is happy with this new crown, Dr. Gill will permanently cement it in place.

How should I care for my Dental Crown?

A dental crown can last for several years if one follows good oral hygiene practices. Use proper brushing and flossing techniques and visit Dr. Gill regularly for your check-ups and cleanings.

One must follow a few precautions when you have a temporary crown on. Avoid sticky, chewy and hard foods. Also, minimize the use of the side of the mouth with the temporary crown on.

If you have questions about dental crowns or would like to schedule a consultation, call our office today.




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