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Are amalgam fillings safe?

Silver fillings, also known as amalgam fillings, are a blend of silver, copper, and zinc, mixed with elemental mercury. Dentists have used amalgam fillings to fill teeth since the early 1800s with great success.

At Gill Dental, we do everything possible to ensure that your treatments are not just effective, but safe. Recently there has been a lot of press about the safety of amalgam fillings and the effect they may have on your overall health.

The controversy regarding these fillings comes from claims that the exposure to mercury vapor and particles from fillings can lead to general health problems. However, multiple studies have found that there’s no relationship between amalgam fillings and any adverse health conditions. In fact, The American Dental Association (ADA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and others support the use of silver fillings as a safe and cost effective choice for restoring a damaged tooth.

Amalgam fillings are extremely durable, so they’re primarily used on molars that have to withstand a lot of biting force. Because of the esthetic impact of amalgam fillings, we don’t normally place amalgam fillings on the teeth that show when you smile. 

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